the hostel of Buëch

Come share with me the tranquility of this little corner of happiness where the air is pure and where nature surrounds you: located in the old village of Aspremont (330 inhabitants) on the territory of Büech , come enjoy the charms of this place , accompanied by friends, colleagues, family, duo or alone for several days or one night. 

Le gîte est aménagé  dans une  bâtisse originale datant de 1798 à laquelle une  nouvelle partie  a été accolée en 1998. Cette  grande maison, adossée au côteau, se situe dans la rue des Aires, ancien lieu de battage des céréales avant l'engrangement et domine les toits aux tuile rondes qui annoncent la Provence.

La grande terrasse de 40 m2 surplombe le village  ainsi vous profitez de la magnifique vue imprenable sur toutes les montagnes avoisinantes dont Le Dévoluy, la montagne d'Aujour... mes voisins sont envieux de ce lieu !

büech inn                   

le gîte auberge du Buëch dispose de 12 places  avec 4 chambres de 2 à 5 couchages avec 3 salles d’eau/wc dont 2 privatives (le détail des chambres est indiqué dans la page tarifs), salon, cuisine, garages, abri  pour vélos et matériel sportif et une superbe terrasse de 40 métres carrés. 

Une alternative entre gîte d'étape pour l'accueil de randonneurs pédestres, cyclistes, grimpeurs, pêcheurs ou voyageurs , chambre et table chez l'habitante, pension de famille et maison familiale de vacances : je ne sais pas vraiment définir ce lieu, dans tous les cas, vous pourrez y dormir et manger. 

Vous pouvez  séjourner  en individuel ou en groupe constitué, un ou  plusieurs jours, en nuitée avec petit déjeuner, en demi-pension ou en pension complète, en chambres ou en chambrée, selon vos envies, et la disponibilité du moment. Pensez à réserver un peu à l'avance, c'est plus confortable pour mon organisation, merci beaucoup.

Et aussi besoin d'une pause plus ou moins longue, pourquoi pas vous installer dans une chambre non partagée avec un tarif spécial ?

A free management stay for the entire cottage is possible and you can also order dishes to avoid all the stewardship related to meals.

You also have the possibility of taking a meal without accommodation for a minimum of 4 people, on reservation the day before.

The breakfasts are served from 7 am or earlier if needed and you can order me a picnic or sandwich (and I appreciate your request beforehand, because it is always easier for my stewardship organization).

Large parking near the cottage and provision of 2 garages for 2 wheels.

And if you want to come by train, either you take a taxi or a bus and also I could take care to pick you up at the Veynes-Dévoluy station 10 minutes from the cottage.

Bicycles can be made available to you (contact me)




My state of mind and the desired mood:

Since October 2013, I manage with pleasure the lodging of stage of St Disdier in Dévoluy. My meeting with an accompanist mountain herbalist had me invest in this place with a beautiful project development binomial ... What an adventure and discoveries, surprises ... nice or no ... because the project did not not realized as I had imagined, of course!  

However, I am very happy with all this experience and my experiences allow me today to start a new adventure that will expand my accommodation / catering between Dévoluy and Buëch. 

Fortunately, I have the ability to welcome and exchange with a certain warmth, I cook simple dishes with a personal touch that delights the palate, dixit your reactions. In addition, the simplicity and sobriety of the lodging of St Disider with its accommodation in dormitory and common sanitary facilities, please and diverge from daily life ... especially when they are urban. 

I receive beautiful messages expressing all this, so all this gratitude gives me confidence to advance on the path of Life by offering more opportunities to meet in the High Alps that I love so much with its ubiquitous nature.

Not being native of Dévoluy, my needs for a more lenient weather especially in autumn, a more social life and less "monastic" than that conducted all year at St Disdier, led me to seek a small foot in the Buëch, southern territory so warmer and sunny and less landlocked than St Disdier.

And so Annick, "my" traveling naturopath invited me to visit the home of Christiane and James who wanted their second home to finally come to life after 5 years of closed shutters.

The purchase of the house was completed in October 2018 and the necessary works to welcome you at best, began at the end of the year. The development of the cottage part is almost completed thanks to skilled craftsmen and invested for the work of electricity, plumbing, tiling, painting, carpentry, masonry ... I do my best (between St Disdier and Aspremont) to complete their work and I begin to handle the drill, the brush, the saw, the screwdriver almost as well as my cooking utensils!

The friends and neighbors Dévoluards and Aspremontais including Michel in particular, are also willing and so kind to make me multiple services such as loading / unloading of household appliances, furniture, repairs of tools and also for the care of D'Artagnan, my old cat! 

Furnishings and a maximum of objects, are purchased secondhand or are offered. that gives a certain heterogeneous style, but I find it charming to know that the buffet and the table belonged to Lili, the grandmother of Lionel, the mason, that the leather sofa was offered by Marie and Patrick who brought it from Lyon in their car trunk, the chairs were in a cafeteria in Gap ... life goes on for them too ... I'll tell you more during your stay.

 By cons, at the level of the bedding, all mattresses, sommiers and pillows are new and good quality, provided by the house MOUTE Bedding Gap, for your comfort in order to allow you a good rest to start your day in fine fettle !

I am very lucky in this project and I appreciate enormously all this synergy that is created around my life turn, a real miracle that I propose to you to discover in Aspremont (or Dévoluy), that we shared good times of simple life, happy to be together and energized from that.

That this adventure of lodgings between Aspremont in the Buëch and St Disdier in Dévoluy grows, grows with other ideas .

Do you know the legend of this Hummingbird that I chose as a logo? 

One day, in the Amazon forest, a storm triggered a huge fire. The terrified animals watched helplessly. All ... except the little hummingbird that was busy, going to the river with a few drops of water with its beak to throw them on the fire. "I'm doing my part, I'm doing my part!" Repeated the hummingbird to the other incredulous animals.

And if everyone did the same?

My part being to offer you a place and a special atmosphere where everyone can be quiet, get paused, rest, meet, exchange, go on an adventure, or just enter a coffee, chat, philosophize, dinner with friends , laughing out loud...

 ... together it's all ... possible! l

 You can also contribute in your own way if you like, just like Yann, so used to the lodging of St Disider that a beautiful friendship was knotted between us: It has already come in advance to make the recognition of walks and it we propose his first topos!   put the link 




The cottage aubergedu Buëch for a warm atmosphere, conviviality of simplicity, sharing, exchanges in all authenticity!

Come and discover this little corner of Happiness!